E009 FryWall – Helping Home Chefs Cook Without the Mess

Episode 9 – Yair Reiner, FryWall “Taking Calculated Risks” Yair Reiner, former financial analyst, discusses how his corporate background has translated to his entrepreneurial strengths. Through calculated risks, and a strong understanding of the financial side of the business, Yair took the FryWall from prototype to common household solution. When the “mess is less” both cooking and entrepreneurship is far more fulfilling. Designed for product managers, business leaders, and business owners alike, Making It Real provides real tools and advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or any other type of “preneur” that you like! Hosted by Bob Caporale and Tate Tegtmeier of Sequent Learning Networks Original Music by Bob Caporale https://bobcaporale.com/music